Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thank You Westminster Fabrics

A big thank you to Westminster Fabrics for sending a box of fabric for the Give a Kid a Quilt project.  I sent out an email a few weeks ago to the fabric companies for their help and Westminster not only responded right away, but sent a box FULL of their beautiful fabrics.  I asked for fabrics specifically for boys and girls quilts – and that is just what they did!  There are so many lovely fabrics from the Freespirit and Rowan lines and I can’t wait to share all of the quilts that are made from them and donated to the cause.  I hope that you will consider sending in a quilt to help a child have some warmth and security in their life.  …and support such a great company for their dedication to helping others.

A few posts back Rachel blogged about an article in the Portland Tribune, about a family that had been living in their car because of the lack of shelters in our area for families (article here].  Something that really spoke to me, and why this cause is so important was this line from the article:

"Then it was back to the car, where there were piles of blankets. Blankets would become among the family’s most treasured possessions in the months to come."

We are starting to get very cold here.  I open the door in the mornings and Brice tells me “Cold!”.  I can’t even imagine having to try and keep him warm if we didn’t have a place to stay as our temperatures drop below freezing at night.  Homelessness has always been a big issue in the Portland-area (as I'm sure it is in other places) – but never have I heard more about families being displaced.  If you have never experienced hard times, you can’t fully appreciate how frustrating it is to try and get back on your feet.  I know the general thought is that “They should just get a job” or “Isn’t that what churches are for?” or “They should go to a homeless shelter.”  Unfortunately that isn’t always an option – while there is help out there, it is often times hard to find the help.  If my family was displaced today, I wouldn’t know where to go for help. 

I wish there was more that I could do, but I have to start somewhere.  This is that place to start.  I’ve spoken before of having a security blanket of my own over the years.  The second one I acquired (after the first fell apart – literally from too much love) is sitting in the bottom of my hope[less] chest still.  I still sometimes dream of having my security blanket with me while I sleep, so obviously it was a big part of my childhood, and I am happy to be able to provide that for a child.  I hope you will consider donating - finished quilt, quilt top only, quilts ready for binding – we’ll take them all! 


  1. ok...I am sold!! I will start working on one right away. Count me in for at least one quilt, but if my time allows it, I will do more!!

  2. I just sent e-mails to all the quilt groups I'm on through Yahoo and also my quilting friends network. I hope that some of them will be able to send you some quilty love. One group especially has about 5000 members who want to reduce their stash of fabrics, so I think they'll be able to help. Thank you so much for organizing this. Quilters are so generous.

  3. I am so excited to know we have more on board for this project!

    Crafty Girls Workshop :: Thanks for spreading the word!

  4. Just came over from the Crafty Girls Workshop. I have a crib size quilt top that has sat unfinished in my sewing table drawer just waiting for a project like this. I will get it in the mail tomorrow to you!
    Laurie in Maine (where we know what it's like to be cold!)