Saturday, November 14, 2009

Man, its cold!

Today the high was 45 degrees, and currently its 40 degrees. My mother and I enjoyed a salmon burger at Red Robin. Going to and fro from the car it was cold, really cold. Last night it was 29 degrees. So you get it right? its cold.
Here is a story about a homeless family. One of the children is our target of "kids under 5".

For now they are out of the cold, but they are not the only family in our area sleeping in this weather. Breaks my heart to hear of those young kids sleeping in the cold. Please consider sending a quilt or top.


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  1. Breaks my heart. It's so hard to read stuff like this - especially knowing it's right here in town.

    I think the part that resonates the most, and just goes to show how important this cause is, was the following line:

    "Then it was back to the car, where there were piles of blankets. Blankets would become among the family’s most treasured possessions in the months to come."