Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am Thankful!

I have been hearing from so many of you regarding donations and sending things in. . Im actually tracking quilts and tops coming to us from across the country as well as local folks getting involved.
Thank you so much!
Part of me is getting a little scared that it's too much and another part of me knows that if we need local help it's out there for the asking. Knowing that we have the support of locals and friends means so much.
So here's a little update of whats finished:

This is a completely experimental piece made from leftovers and waste. . I used left over binding as the stright bits and LUSH paint dot fabric as the dots. On the one hand it's a finished quilt, that can stand regular wash and wear, on the other hand it's not a finished idea. I will be doing a series of these probably till I grow the idea into a finished quilt that is more to my liking. Stay tuned.

A whole cloth piece It turned out great. So fresh and feminine. Me likey.

Another whole cloth in a really girly version.

A baby quilt made from an experimental block I found in a drawer, just waiting for a border or just a smidge of attention from me to make it into something a child could live and hold close.
It finished about 30" square. Maybe you have a partially finished top laying around? A few left over blocks? throw a border on it, sew those few blocks together... do as much work on it as your able/willing to do and pass it along for finishing.. .. OR finish it up and we will see it gets to someone who really NEEDS it.

I have a few more in various states of unfinished.

Have a great Holiday


  1. I'm mailing you a quilt top today!

  2. Love the quilts. I especially like the abstract one, made from leftover binding strips and dots. I know you're still chewing on it, and whether or not you like it, but it is REALLY nice. Tell you what; I'm going to put a picture of it on my blog with a link to you, and ask my readers what they think of it. Also, you should put a picture of it in the flickr Modern Quilts pool.

    We do a LOT of wholecloth quilts for charity. Here's our sewing circle blog: Please stop by!