Thursday, December 10, 2009

Whew! Its Cold!

It has been in the teens here and right now its 11 degrees Fahrenheit. That is super cold. This last week we got a load of flannel, which I immediately loaded on the long arm.
I managed to get 5 quilts on this one long piece of backing. Thank You! Thank you!
These 2 were whole cloth and will get a bright binding to make them pop. but I also use the same back to quilt this cute girly quilt:

Its adorable! Thank you!
We also got 2 finished quilts

Thank you!
I am so grateful to everyone who have sent fabric, tops, finished quilts Thank you thank you!
Every bit helps!

Here is the cookie monster getting quilted. Thanks Marsie and Sue! When I took it in, Lisa said "Oh, some one is gonna love this!" I bet they will.

I know its beeen awhile since I posted, besides doing this I'm trying to get my Xmas presents made. I know everyone is busy with Xmas and family so taking time and money to give some strangers some help this season is really generous and I can tell you every bit will get used.
Some quilts are being set aside to be used as Xmas gifts in the family shelter. Some will go straight to the warming shelter, some will be held for new clients.
I'm trying to get as many as I can done for Xmas giving. For the next 15 days or so I will post as many as I can to even if I don't get them all posted here.
Thanks for sending them and keep them coming!