Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can you believe it?? Wendy Lou sent this in to us . A Bento Box style quilt made with designer fabrics and backed with Amy Butler. It's really lovely. It arrived yesterday with a lovely note. I hope that folks know that I find the quilts and notes very encouraging to my efforts. Some days I just feel kinda overwhelmed with all the quilting that needs doing.
A few days ago I loaded in a very long, long piece for backing. I will quilt several quilts this week, I'm currently on #2. It's been slow going.. but then yesterday I got this quilt in the mail. Now I'm encouraged. Fired up! Ready to go!
Thanks Wendy!
Btw, she did a tutorial of this quilt and has a great link to make your own laundry detergent!

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Batch Delivered

This last week I delivered 16 finished quilts and a "small" (car seat snuggy or changing pad) 8 of those finished came from Donna in TX.
Donna from Austin, TX writes " ... For the last 20 years I have lived in TX but I will always be an Oregonian. I hope these quilts will keep other oregon kids warm. they aren't perfect and the quilting isn't professional but they were made with Love...."

Isn't the fact they are made with love what makes them perfect? I went to the post to pick them up on the way to Community Action. I sat with the ladies on staff and oohhed and ahhed and filled out my paper work ( I document that I dropped them off and they keep track of the in kind donation.). These quilts are lovely and will be just the thing for some kid.

Thank you Donna!

I will be starting a new batch of quilting soon. stay tuned.

We are getting so close to 50! I still have a large stack here to quilt. I'll keep working on this as long as I have quilt tops to quilt. I am working on getting another roll of batting as I have almost completely used the one I purchased for this project. Can you believe it? 40 yards of batting already! Who would have guessed?
I have decided not to re up my PO Box and if would like to send a finished quilt or a top Please Email me and we will send you our street address.
Thank you so much for participating and for your generosity!