Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big Thank You!

Whew! has it really been 2 weeks since my last post? I guess it has. Well, the holidays are over and its back to business. I managed to get a large quilt back in flannel loaded up and am back to quilting. I expect to have at least 6 quilts quilted in the next couple days.

Since the last post I have received these great finished quilts. Thank goodness! I feel sometimes a bit overwhelmed and over committed, to tell the truth I have been feeling like the days are whipping past with very little result. Getting quilts in the mail gives me a boost and has really helped me get the work flowing again. I'm really grateful for your efforts and the support.
Thank You!
Watching the news this week has been tough for us all I know. Hearing about the depth and breadth of the poverty in Haiti and now an Earthquake on top of it ... well, its just all so sad.
Here in America one in eight is below the poverty line. In Haiti it's estimated that 8 of 10 are below the poverty line, not that they do a census.
Food and water are still not widely available in Haiti. Here on MLK day, hundreds turned out to help sort food at the Oregon Food Bank.
We may have some of the highest unemployment in the nation, but hey, at least we have an economy, right?
Please support the relief and recovery efforts in Haiti!
My favorite is the internationally effective and yet local Mercy Corps!


  1. Hi! I'm putting a box in the mail today for you. It has some quilt tops, some backings and some other fun kid fabrics that I hope you are able to use. You are doing a wonderful thing and may God Bless you!

  2. Hi! I sent a finished quilt yesterday -- the post office said you should get it today, but that doesn't seem possible.

    I have some questions about another quilt that may or may not work -- can you please email me?